Broad Coalition Urges Congress to Fund All Public School Students Fairly

Today, a broad coalition of 70 organizations from across the country sent a letter to Congressional leadership and respective members of Congress, urging they treat all public school students equally by restoring the education funding cut in the Charter School Program fund, and eliminating language that could especially harm public school students with special needs and low-income students who attend charter schools.

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Statement Regarding the Passage of Public Education Equal Access Bill

"We are grateful to the Senate Education Committee for putting Arizona children first today. The package of education bills sponsored by Senator Paul Boyer will provide families with a real choice by ensuring fair and equal access to a high-quality education for all children. Some families see a perfect match with their neighborhood public school, - which is great. but for a growing number of families, the best fit for their child is in another public school. Modernizing our open enrollment process and public education transportation system is long overdue. These bills aims to make real the opportunities families are seeking through open enrollment and public charter schools. The status quo is not acceptable.

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Statement Regarding Governor Ducey’s State of the State Address

“Every child in our state has felt the resounding impact of the COVID-19 crisis as it has upended our education system throughout the state. The inequities that existed prior to the pandemic have been exacerbated and we must do everything we can to help our students accelerate forward. Innovation is no longer optional; it is the only way we can face the challenges before us. We applaud Governor Doug Ducey for his leadership in prioritizing K-12 education, empowering families, and ensuring public policy keeps pace with proven community-driven models and new ways of learning that are creating meaningful change. We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature on policies that put Arizona students first.”

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