Statement Regarding the Passage of Public Education Equal Access Bill

Phoenix, AZ — Great Leaders Strong Schools President and Founder Emily Anne Gullickson released the following statement regarding the passage of legislation to increase equal access to high quality schools: 

“We are grateful to the Senate Education Committee for putting Arizona children first today. The package of education bills sponsored by Senator Paul Boyer will provide families with a real choice by ensuring fair and equal access to a high-quality education for all children. Some families see a perfect match with their neighborhood public school, – which is great. but for a growing number of families, the best fit for their child is in another public school. Modernizing our open enrollment process and public education transportation system is long overdue. These bills aims to make real the opportunities families are seeking through open enrollment and public charter schools. The status quo is not acceptable.

“Opponents of these measures are using hyperbole to distract from what these bills actually do, which is to make it easier for Arizona families – especially working class and low-income families – to enroll in the public school where their child will thrive and get them there in a safe and reliable way. There are thousands of children across the state who are desperately seeking a classroom that better meets their needs and both S.B. 1683 and S.B. 1685 will help get them there. After the bold leadership in the Senate Education Committee today, we are one step closer to making equal access for all children a reality in Arizona.”


About Great Leaders, Strong Schools
Advancing policies and cultivating leaders who advocate for providing all K-12 students access to high-quality schools and learning opportunities that are close to them, with a priority on students in high-poverty communities.

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